Another very quiet experience. There were few people there that weren’t part of one tourist group or another. Makes sense, having shown up on a Saturday. Putrajaya,… Continue reading

Kommerce Picture Show

Here’s an omnibus look at some of the different forms business takes place in the city of KL. Hope you enjoyed this broad swath of human endeavour in KL.

Mosque. I didn’t get in. Part 2.

I was motivated to get to my intended destination. Winding up at KL station was less confusing the second time around, as I approached it from a different direction, finding the operating portion… Continue reading

Mosque. I didn’t get in. Part 1.

So I usually get lost when I go to new places, and it didn’t feel right not to continue that tradition. I wanted to go see the National Mosque (Masjid Negara) as I… Continue reading

Kasturi Walk & The Market of Life

So this is the place that kept me alive during my time in KL. My hostel was about 5 minutes away from a market. Outside that market is Kasturi Walk. What’s that you… Continue reading

The Walk

If you recall from my last post, minatures were everywhere. One in particular, I went to go see in all its larger-than-tiny-wooden-model glory. I have to give it to real life, it’s a… Continue reading

Free to Wander Kuala Lumpur

Hey everybody, it’s been a while since my last update. A long while actually. No worries though, I’m back on the horse, though admittedly a little bit after the fact. Today, I’ll be… Continue reading


KL Tower’s admission ticket, given a small upgrade, comes with a visit to an additional attraction. I chose the animal place (farm? habitat? indoor safari? zoo? minizoo? whatever.) Immediate impression? Feathery. I’ll tell… Continue reading

Creeping On People From Above

KL Tower is reputed to have a better overall view than the Petronas Twin Towers. The only thing is that it’s a definite tourist trap, opposed to mall integrated way of things you’d… Continue reading

Twin Towers

One of the biggest draws in all of KL? The Petronas Towers. Petronas is an oil company, and have definitely entrenched themselves in Malaysia, given their tower is now the characterising feature of… Continue reading